27 Years: Changing Media Times


1984: After the killing of WPC Yvonne Fletcher in London, I spent 11 days in one corner of St James’s Square covering the Libyan Embassy Siege. Every time reporters wanted to file copy or check in with their newsdesk we had to leave our media area, walk to the nearest public telephone box and risk missing an important development. Aside from radios, we were otherwise standing on a pavement and cut off from the outside world.

2011: First read of Col Gaddafi’s rumoured capture via a Tweet from Jon Snow before turning to live satellite TV pictures from the scene. Then watched footage of Gaddafi’s final moments on my mobile phone minutes after it was posted online thousands of miles away. At the time I just happened to be travelling on a tube train heading to within a few hundred yards of St James’s Square.

Sometimes we take technology for granted. What will 27 years from today bring?

BBC: LIbyan Embassy Siege Ends

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