Common As Muck

Also found in my archives, across the way from Charles and Diana 1981 and Royal Wedding Gifts 1981 – the cover of the 1996 press pack for the second series of BBC1’s Common As Muck, written by Billy Ivory, which began in January 1997.

One of my all time favourite drama series. Also mindful of those who will have to clear up after William and Kate’s big day next year.

Regular cast: Richard Ridings (Bernard), Anthony Barclay (Sunil), Roy Hudd (John), Edward Woodward (Nev), Neil Dudgeon (Ken) and Stephen Lord (Jonno).

Other cast members included Kathy Burke, June Whitfield, Frank Finlay, Michael Angelis, Lesley Sharp, Saeed Jaffrey, Paul Shane, Sue Devaney, James Nesbitt, Steve Arnold, Alexei Sayle, Finetime Fontayne and Terence Rigby.


Life of Wylie

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